Business owners, executives, investors and advisors must commit to and focus on producing, maintaining and increasing enterprise value at high rates in order to compete successfully to accumulate economic and social wealth.  We have a history of accomplishment that spans over 3 decades consistently demonstrating the power of our capabilities.  We strive to be prudent in our judgements and commitments, and so far have produced returns for our investors and business owners, without ever losing investor capital.

We know how to re-formulate and re-constitute the strategy, capital structures and culture of a private enterprise to create an opportunity for growth that did not exist prior to our work.  We selectively offer our guidance, collaboration and leadership to CEO’s of private companies where we are not the lead investor.  Working effectively with the kinds of contributions we are able to make requires ambition, curiosity, humility and passion.

Our clients report producing:

  • Expanded personal ambitions with practices to accomplish them
  • Clarity of strategic direction and impeccable execution
  • Greater alignment of operational execution with the firm’s vision, mission and strategies
  • A higher performing culture – one with passion, enthusiasm and practices for competitive learning
  • Improved quality as a competitive advantage
  • The ability to act on business concerns with an enhanced focus and velocity
  • Increased productivity and performance by the CEO and their key team
  • More peace and harmony in their lives

Our firm provides an array of services producing increases in productivity, capacity and margins for company owners, executives and managers.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

—Warren Buffet