Commitment Based Management

We find that most enterprises want to have teams but aren’t sure how to build them. Enterprises waste time, energy, money and lost opportunities on weak coordination and planning. Symptoms are long meetings, broken commitments and budget overruns.

Our professional development program enhances and increases capacity dramatically in the first 5 months of work. It is the first phase required to build Foundational Competencies inside an enterprise. We follow those improvements by building the Core Competencies of Management and embodying the Core Competencies for Design.

The Private Company Institute™

Hanhausen Group - The Private Company InstituteThe Private Company Institute™ (TPCI) is a space for development and a methodology for Private Companies, their owners, executives, managers and employees producing ‘whole’ business leaders. Our focus is to have you embody the discipline and practices that produce a more harmonized life and successful outcome to your ambition.

TPCI is a dynamic process of constantly interwoven commitments in an adaptation of how life and business really work. We help to develop your list of lifetime concerns and to blend life and business concerns elegantly and wholly. A whole business leader is committed, ambitious, happy, reliable, trustworthy and leads a life balances with personal and business concerns.

Advisory Services

Business has become very complex and the marketplace is in constant change. Owners, Executives and Managers need help to understand what is happening and to anticipate future action.

With over 35 years of pragmatic business experience and success, we help in developing enterprise strategies, designing operational capabilities and accomplishing financial and business objectives. The purpose of business is to meet the mission and to succeed in your personal ambition. With clarity of purposes we have been successful to guide and support people in producing superior outcomes. Often people who work with us are surprised at surpassing and exceeding their own expectations.

DISC Assessments

DISC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communications. DISC refers to the 4 basic behavior types—Dominant, Influencer, Steady and Conscientious. This behavior assessment tool helps you to become self-aware of the strengths and challenges you have. Working with our certified DISC assessors we will show you how to build more effective and efficient relationships in the marketplace with your employees, employers, customers and colleagues.

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