Who We Are

Attracting top talent and retaining key people is even more challenging in today’s competitive, work-from-anywhere-environment.

For mid-sized companies and business owners challenged by a shifting culture and struggling with high turnover, weak employee performance, and poor results, The Hanhausen Group is made up of successful “doers,” who have led and grown companies with proven approaches that produce ambitious and passionate people.

In the post-COVID, work-from-home environment, and generations in the workplace with vastly different approaches to communication, the “warts” will only get worse.

Start now and achieve ROC, Return on Your Culture. Design a purpose-built culture that yields positive results, avoiding culture by drift. THG’s methodology, which inspires and enables employees to improve, develop, and embody practices required to cooperate, coordinate, and communicate at higher levels.

You already have a Culture, a social system of shared values, philosophies, narratives, and practices in your enterprise — is it by drift or appropriate for your vision and mission?

Leadership Team

Jeff Hanhausen

Jeff Hanhausen

As an executive and leader for over 3 decades in multiple industries, Jeff has produced high-performing Teams and competitive Cultures. He has taken that knowledge and produced a practical methodology to work with companies to shift their cultures – appropriate to their vision and mission. As a business pragmatist and explorer, Jeff has been able to work with business owners to radically improve enterprise value.

Jeff has successfully led national workshops on using a map for Enterprise Design, on Marketplace Leadership and Innovation, Reading the Economy, and the Continuous Crisis of Meanings. In this work it was always clear the intention and focus are on fulfilling personal Ambitions and Company missions using the importance of Culture and Teams.

Jeff enjoys spending time with family, reading, and writing and an occasional round of golf. He has a long association with pets in business and personally, enjoying time with a wonderful group of grand dogs.

  • For over 30 years leading and managing Teams accomplished in an array of roles in 10 different industries.
  • Produced successful acquisition in several private industry companies.
  • Author of a 3-year curriculum to shift a business Culture – one based on meeting commitments and making promises.
  • An active Board participant with several national companies
  • Continues to write and contribute on business and strategy at Jeff Hanhausen’s Sketchbook

Elizabeth Krugler

Elizabeth KruglerWith over 15 years of experience in varying industries from retail and advertising to management operations, Elizabeth has spent her career becoming an experienced people and culture specialist. She is effective in driving culture change in companies and working with teams as well as working with individuals to become effective contributors to their organizations.

Elizabeth excels at business process improvement and is constantly working within our organization as well as those of her clients to make operating systems and the people the most effective that they can be. In addition she is skillful with project management from start to finish – creating budgets and schedules, and maintaining them.

Elizabeth and her husband Doug live in the suburbs of Philadelphia and spend much of their time on the sidelines cheering for their 4 kids with their dog, Millie. She is a fitness and health enthusiast who engages in activities both socially and spiritually, and prefers the outdoors. Elizabeth is also an avid volunteer, having worked for parent teacher organizations and holding various board and leadership positions for other local organizations, she brings her ability to build relationships and become a trusted partner to not only the organizations but also the people involved in them as well.

  • Designed on-line Commitment Based Management program
  • Coach for new team members in client company to shift culture
  • Project Manager for national advertising firm
  • Managed start-up retail operation
  • Certified IIN Health Coach

Sarah Hess

Sarah HessEnergetic multi-unit leader and certified human resources professional with experience in multiple facets of human resources, leadership and administration, including project management, process improvement, performance management, training and development, recruitment, succession planning, and employee relations.

I’m known for my ability to drive results while providing exceptional levels of service and improving employee recruitment, engagement and retention, while having the ability to work successfully in a team environment and communicate effectively and professionally with executive leadership, management and co-workers with integrity and confidentiality.

A leader of Team building workshops and cultural development as part of internal operations and for growing companies needing to shift their cultures.

  • Dedicated Human Resources Professional, specializing in green field operations
  • SHRM-CP Certified
  • Strong track record of recruiting and retaining team members for multiple sized enterprises
  • Proven history to lead, coach and design in the fields of executive management, construction and real estate/development
  • Small Human Resources and Development business owner

Originally from Northern Minnesota, Sarah traded in her winter gear for the foothills of Boise Idaho. She is an avid outdoor adventurer, exercise enthusiast and loves to travel; she is always on the lookout for her next adventure. You can catch her on the ski hill in the winter or hiking the foothills with her two dogs Tank and Louie when the weather allows.