Who We Are

Jeff Hanhausen

Jeff Hanhausen

  • For over 30 years leading and managing teams – accomplished in an array of roles in 7 different industries
  • Led a successful turnaround as President in 2 companies
  • Nationwide configuration used to collaborate and triple EBITDA in enterprises
  • Produced successful acquisition and sale of private enterprise company
  • Author of methodology to shift a business culture, by design to “Commitment Based Management”
  • Lead national workshops at conferences and regionally
  • Act in board advisory capacity with several companies
  • Read his latest on business and strategy at Jeff Hanhausen’s Sketchbook
  • Strategic advisor to PacificCo
  • COO H2O

Elizabeth Krugler

Elizabeth Krugler

  • Designed on-line Commitment Based Management program
  • Coach for new team members in client company to shift culture
  • Project Managers for national advertising firm
  • Accomplished in accounting practices, coordination practices and team building
  • Managed start-up retail operation

HG Connection

In our configuration are experts in many fields and disciplines. We embrace a philosophy of continued competitive learning as a practice, and look for the most powerful opportunities.

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“The star of every successful team is the team.”

—John Wooden