Working With Us

Over two dozen CEOs and business owners have used our help to produce several hundred million dollars of financial wealth, along with developing their colleagues and staff to increase their capabilities for succeeding in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Competing successfully in business cannot be accomplished with common sense, common knowledge and weak networks.  We will insist that you work seriously with our guidance, and respect our knowledge and expertise.  Otherwise our engagement will be a waste of your time and money.

We will push you to accomplish your best work, and will not be tranquilized by justifications and excuses.  If we engage it will be because we have satisfied ourselves that both you and the business are capable of an order of magnitude increase.

Our work produces clarity in the lifestyle, financial and business ambitions of the enterprise owners.  We collaborate to bring into reality a design and organization that exists in longer horizons of time.  We craft effective and competitive strategies.  We help produce a culture of collaboration, commitment, open communication and competitive learning.  We provide the fundamental and strategic help of an outside board of directors, including being a strong  “customer” and colleague to the CEO.

Jeff Hanhausen has worked in a collaborative configuration for more than two and half decades accumulating knowledge and a network of other experts, enabling our clients to act quickly in producing lasting, positive change.  With the help of this configuration owners and key stakeholders have realized significant growth in enterprise value in dozens of companies.

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

—Charlie Munger