Our Results

An efficient, effective enterprise saves time, money and positively impacts your bottom line.

  • A functioning, cohesive team that is respectful, enthusiastic, and passionate
  • A culture of Teams that enjoy working together and working collaboratively toward a shared mission
  • A group of ambitious people who become a Team that is engaged, enthusiastic, and passionate about your company and its mission
  • A team focused on competitive business practices, with less time wasted on negative gossip or weak psychology

Impact was immediate, producing returns in the first week by increasing capacity, shortening time cycles, increasing customer satisfaction.


“My Company is a group of professionals that work together to produce a successful firm of investors, not your typical investment firm. We are an investors first focused firm that requires a performance level from our team that is uncommon in the marketplace. We needed some help to make sure our team culture was able to match our high expectations. The Commitment Based Culture Program was where
we turned to help build a company wide shared and embodied practice of taking care of each other in a way that produces trust through personal responsibility for making effective requests and thereby keeping our commitments to each other so that we are able to keep our commitments to our investors. The program was able help our most experienced and our least experienced to share a way of making requests and keeping commitments that has allowed us to be able to produce uncommonly valuable results.

This program helped everyone of our team increase their individual effectiveness and has also helped those outside of our company to see a difference in how we show up. We get comments from our outside professionals and from our investors that compliment our team members for being unusually good help.

This is noticed and appreciated. The value produced by this program and our commitment to use and improve the skills continues to pay dividends on the tuition we invested in this program.“


“The Hanhausen Group was foundational in our ability to meet our business goals this year.

Hanhausen’s ability distill business interactions into readable, purposeful mechanics allowed my senior leaders to more powerfully make and deliver on their commitments, build rapport with peer organizational leaders, and ultimately increase our unit’s velocity.

My teams’ planning and execution skills have increased dramatically as a result; I ask more of them, and they deliver more, at a higher satisfaction rate than before, with more personal capacity at their disposal to focus on business success. The marketplace is changing more rapidly than ever before. At its heart, the capacity to organize around it, interpret it, commit to each other and deliver quickly on projects and promises is a competitive advantage and core to competing. Jeff and his Team produced a powerful narrative that will positively differentiate my leaders from their peers and improve our units performance. I’m incredibly thankful.”